Top E-Commerce Frameworks on the go

There are n-number of e-commerce sites were done in the market, with many frameworks. Some of the best frameworks which we used now a days was listed below with their features.

Magento ( )


One of the most powerful framework was Magento. Which was used by highest number of users as a E-Commerce Cms because



  • Highly Secure.
  • Holds many number of inbuilt features.
  • SEO Friendly.
  • Both Opensource and Paid based on the features are available.
  • can Handle large number of products and data effectively.

PrestaShop’s  ( )

Fast, efficient and easy to use, PrestaShop’s free e-commerce solution provides everything you need to open, operate and maintain a successful online store.



  • Its Free.
  • 400+ Features
  • 3000+ modules and templates available.
  • Winner of 2011 Open Source Award.

OpenCart  ( )

Opencart is very well structured and easy to use as it follows MVC pattern very effectively. One most important feature in this is VQMOD. By this feature you can modify any code without affecting that file.



  • Its Free.
  • Well structured
  • Follows MVC pattern
  • Supports modules for additional functionality.

OsCommerce( )

OsCommerce is one of the most comprehensive and popular open source Shopping Cart system in existence. It has an extensive feature list and is one of the most flexible shopping cart solutions. It has a wide range of customization options for the e-commerce website owner – all at an affordable price.



  • Its Free.
  • Well structured
  • 13,000+ registered sites
  • 300,000+ community members
  • 2,000,000+ forum postings

Cs-Cart ( )

It is mainly used to handle large number of products. It is available under different licenses. It handles the complexity very effectively with normalize database structure.



  • Its Paid.
  • Very Well structured
  • Support many plugins for additional functionalists
  • Supports Multivendor/Marketplace E-Commerce Model

DW Minion Free Responsive WordPress Theme

DW Minion is a simple and clean WordPress Blog Theme.
This theme is designed which aims for a minimal and simple blog while showing off the most of your content.
DW Minion supports responsive design and it’s great to blog anytime anywhere you want. Social sharing is focused and various post formats are supported.
The theme is available for free, so grab it and start blogging.



Windows 8 Theme using jQuery, CSS & HTML

The bootstrap with windows 8 based, simple and flexible theme was released by “Windows 8 Metro UI”


  1. Menus
  2. Awesome Icons
  3. Grid View
  4. Admin Interfaces
  5. Message Boxes like Windows 8
  6. Tables, Popover, Tooltip,
  7. Windows 8 Model Buttons, Boxes
  8. Windows 8 Alert Boxes, Typeahead etc


Top 5 Awesome User Interfaces Frameworks – CSS3, HTML5 & Javascript

Metro UI CSS

Metro UI CSS is a set of styles to create a site with an interface similar to the Windows 8 Metro UI. The set of styles developed as a self-contained solution, although it can be used as an addition to any other CSS framework.


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Pure from Yahoo

Pure, from Yahoo!, is a collection of small and responsive CSS modules that you can make use of in your projects. The entire set of modules is only 4.4KB (minified and gzipped).


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UI Kit Maker

UI Kit Maker, or UIKM, is a UI kit generator that can handle huge CSS components with ease. It lets you easily maintain CSS components and produce good quality code with not much effort.


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Brick UI

Brought to you by Mozilla, Brick is a collection of re-usable UI web components for quickly and flexibly building mobile HTML5 apps. It provides minimal markup, cross-browser implementations and takes care of most of the under-the-hood boilerplate for you.

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UIkit is a light-weight and modular frontend framework that lets you develop fast and powerful web interfaces. It includes over 30 modular and extendible components, which can be combined with each other. UIkit also comes with a ‘customizer’, which allows you to create your own style for each component easily


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